5th Incorporation Day!!!

30th May 2008 is the date when Vivacity InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. was got incorporated. Its been 5 years now and its really a mix feelings.

Completed 5 yrs today!!!
Our special thanks to our clients for their faith, support and co-operation….

thanks to our team for their hard work, commitment, dedication, passion and enthusiasm made this day special for all of us

thanks to all our well-wishers, friends, supporters and all the loved ones!!!!

and thanks to my GOD who helped me in every up n down….you were always there for me n wish you will be there last long…..many more years to come n more years of joy, success, commitment, growth and happiness….



The PHP mail() Function


mail(to, subject, message, headers, parameters)

Parameter Description
to Required. Specifies the receiver / receivers of the email
subject Required. Specifies the subject of the email. Note: This parameter cannot contain any newline characters
message Required. Defines the message to be sent. Each line should be separated with a LF (\n). Lines should not exceed 70 characters
headers Optional. Specifies additional headers, like From, Cc, and Bcc. The additional headers should be separated with a CRLF (\r\n)
parameters Optional. Specifies an additional parameter to the sendmail program

PHP Simple E-Mail

The simplest way to send an email with PHP is to send a text email.

In the example below we first declare the variables ($to, $subject, $message, $from, $headers), then we use the variables in the mail() function to send an e-mail:
$to = “test@example.com”;
$subject = “Test mail”;
$message = “Hello! This is a test email message.”;
$from = “testuser@example.com”;
$headers = “From:” . $from;
echo “Mail Sent.”;

PHP Mail Reference

For more information about the PHP mail() function, visit PHP Mail Reference.

Source from: http://www.w3schools.com

Best PHP Frameworks For Web Application Development

Php is like a shelter for every web improvement association, which needs to make engaging and alert sites in a financially savvy way. With the assistance of Php, you can make custom requisitions by utilizing Php for example site inbuilt Talk box. In this manner, provided that you such as to make customizable Php web requisition growth, than you might as well approach a most fittingly programming infrastructure association to guarantee the standard nature of Php based web provisions in your site.

In your journey of utilizing Php web requisitions on your site, you need to comprehend beat ten Php skeletons one by one. It can give you an exhaustive comprehension of Php systems and you will pick the right one for your site.

1.) Yii Framework – It is the most obvious Php schema, which might be utilized with web 2.0 growth ventures. Yii system venture occurred in the January of 2008 and discharged on December 2008. Continuously, the last form of Yii 1.1.10 discharged on February 2012

2.) Phpopenbiz Framework – Phpopenbiz is a well reputed to be Php provision system, which might be utilized to construct electronic venture requisitions.

3.) Codeigniter Framework – Codelgniter is a standout amongst the most needful & compelling Php structures for all Php programmers. It makes Php programmers empower in making redid Php web provisions by utilizing a straightforward toolbox. Accordingly, it has picked up the valuation for millions web originators.

4.) Cakephp Framework – It is an open source web provision structure. In this schema, you will get inherent characteristic of interpretation, database access, reserving, approval, and validation. All such characteristics make Cakephp a favored system for advancing programming improvement associations.

5.) Phpdevshell Framework – The Phpdevshell skeleton is an open source Php structure. It might be utilized for improving heightened end sites. It additionally has a progressed Oop and measured structure that finishes generally mind boggling online frameworks.

6.) Symfony Framework – Symfony skeleton is reputed to be the suitable Php skeleton, which could be utilized to improve goliath web ventures. Separated from this, it builds the pace of advancement and administration of your Php web provisions.

7.) Prado Framework – Released in August 2004, Prado has picked up the distinguishment of occasion driven part based system. It could be utilized for improving open source and business requisitions.

8.) Zend Framework – Zend is a broadly requested open source web requisition structure, which is composed in Php5. This item situated Php5 based structure might be utilized for particular web advancement ventures.

9.) Akelos Framework – Akelos Framework is a port of Ruby on Rails growth skeleton. It is produced to function for Php4 and Php5. Also, it gives required serve to Ruby designers for coding in Php.

10.) ez Components Framework – It needs the Php 5.2.1 or Next adaptations for improving Php web provisions. The later form of ez Components Framework discharged on 2009.2.1.

The sum of the aforementioned Php systems are substantially utilized as a part of the web coliseum for expanding the worth of a site. In the event that you have site, than barely approach a most effectively programming improvement association to make your site responsive with customizable Php based web requisitions.

Codeigniter for Rapid Php Application Development

CodeigniterCodeigniter is the most development system of Php web infrastructure. The complexities included while utilizing this system are very nil. Any begin up individual can figure out how to improve requisitions on it without putting much enterprises. It is actually, the best device for the artists who need to improve the most dynamic sites. This schema is instrumental in conveying the ventures soon after the stipulated time allotments. The expense included in the task deliverance is considerably less and the customers truth be told receive the best item quality as an exchange moreover.

Provided that you as the customer need to advance the task from a scratch then picking the Codeigniter skeleton can clearly be the best choice. It serves to join distinctive innovations inside the most brief compass of time. Today a standout amongst the most influential locales are running on this savvy skeleton and these destinations are getting millions of most efficiently convertible leads as well. The most amazing profit of selecting this schema is that your site will dependably be conveyed with the normal exhibition. Codeigniter can demonstrate beneficial to your business. It can encourage you to grow your operational range by giving robotized capacities just about nil setups. Also, the systematized and intensive documentation of the web provisions might be made conceivable with the assistance of this instrument.

By utilizing this Rapid Php Application Development device, the web structure customization could be finished effectively. Regardless of the possibility that you need to make straightforward web requisitions, utilizing this system can generally clearly encourage you to break you from doing extreme coding. This structure is as of recently furnished with the robotized coded structure which can recover you from the bugs of tunneling the codes from any inner source over and again. However before launching tackle any undertaking, the customers might as well affirm that the association from which they are outsourcing their task must hand over your work to an encountered Php web infrastructure experts. With a plan to get conveyed with ideally quality, you may as well determine that a designer ought to be educated, handy and is great overhauled with most cutting edge advances. This action will encourage you to get conveyed with the item quality which adjusts itself in sync with the all inclusive guidelines and parameters.

Website Design Made Easy Using PHP Code

ThePHP scripting language has become popular and it was designed specifically for producing web pages.  Many web design company Sydney use PHP as the implementation language because it allows them to build a dynamically-generated web page quickly and easily.  It gives you the option to create a PHP template that you can use to create and design your website faster.  Here are steps on how to design yourwebsite using PHP code easily:

Step 1: Start by creating a folder.  Inside the folder, create two new files: index.html and style.css.

Step 2: inside the folder, create two additional folders: the first one should be named “includes” and the second folder “variables”.

Step 3: Open the index.html file using your favorite html editor and start creating your basic html website.

Step 4: Open the .css file and add the divs you will be using.  Use your own styling in creating your website to suit your needs.

Step 5: Create some more files to be used when we start converting the template to PHP.  Open the folder with the name “variables”, then create a blank file called variables.php.  Go to the “includes” folder created earlier and add the following files: header.php, nav.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php.

Step 6: Add content to the index.html file.

Step 7: Convert the template to PHP.  Take a brief look at the html code and decide which areas will be sliced.

Step 8:  After slicing the html code, place the code in the proper PHP files created.

Step 9: Do the sidebar.  Copy and cut the sidebar div and place it into the sidebar.php file created located inside the “includes” folder.  Do the same thing in the footer area.

Step 10: Once our index.html are completely and properly sliced, rename it to index.php.  This will now become your template, as long as the PHP includes are on any page you only have to modify the one single file to make it visible across the entire website.  With this, there’s no need

Create Secure Scripts with PHP Programming

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a secure program or application, not even with all the firewalls and encryptions added in it. Vulnerabilities are already present even when the program or application is still being coded by the programmer, and there is no way for a programmer to eliminate these vulnerabilities. What he or she can do is to minimize the occurrences of these vulnerabilities, which adds more security to the application or program. With programming scripts like PHP, you can also do other things that can enhance the security of both the program and its coding syntax.

The most popular programming language used by almost every programmer is PHP. It is a mortal sin in the programming world if you do not know what PHP is, or even know the basics of it. PHP is commonly used for developing web applications, yet it is not without its own security holes. These holes can actually hinder any programmer from completing the program because they need to fill it out first before continuing. In this article, I will tell you how to avoid common security pitfalls and glitches in PHP programming.

1      Proper reporting is a must – when you’re developing something using PHP, application reporting is your best friend. These error reports are important, especially when it comes to detecting wrongly spelled variables and incorrect function usage amongs many others. However, it is important to disable or hide  application or error reporting once your site goes live because your users will know what’s wrong with your program instantly.

2      Disable bad features – Most developers tried to include applications that made development a lot easier. These applications have unwanted consequences like creating data validation and allowing bugs to find their way into the script. Before your site goes live, make sure you disable any of the features that would create potential errors.

3      Be vigilant of XSS attacks in user input – XSS or Cross Site Scripting is mostly seen on forums. When you are creating the option of writing input via HTML, you are allowing users to run JavaScript outside its intended purpose. When this happens, JS can create holes within your script, which will then turn off the security for the cookies. It’s like turning off the electricity in your electric fence. Once the cookies are exposed, real time data can be gathered by hackers and use this for malicious intent.

There’s no such thing as a perfect software, web application, or programming language, but you can always create something close to perfection.

7 Superbly Imaginative Uses for Php

If you are familiar with the basics of PHP, then you’re probably wondering how you can use it to make your website more appealing. The possibilities are endless, and you can write your own PHP scripts or implement widely available scripts from around the web. Let’s get started with 15 creative uses for PHP for your website!

1. E-Commerce

E-commerce is one of the major uses for PHP. From a small business level to an enterprise level, businesses are always looking to create additional streams of revenue online. If you know how to integrate existing e-commerce solutions or build your own from scratch, this gives you a distinct advantage with your clients.

Advanced Coders

If you want to build your own shopping cart application, you can either code the entire application from scratch or implement a PHP framework. If you are an intermediate to advanced PHP coder, I personally recommend using a framework such as CodeIgniter or CakePHP. CakePHP has a bakery section with readily available source code for e-commerce applications. For instance, you can integrate Paypal with your site using ready-made scripts. CodeIgniter has a user guide and a few tutorials to get you up and running quickly. Both of these frameworks have extensive documentation on how to create web applications from the ground up; which one you use is really a matter of personal preference.


If you are new to PHP, or you just know some basic PHP programming, I would suggest using an existing e-commerce solution. Some of the available options are:

While I understand that each of these solutions has its own quirks, it might be easier to spend a few days with the documentation or a tutorial than to learn PHP from the ground up. It really depends on how much time you are willing to invest in tackling e-commerce.


2. Project Management Tools

For both freelancers and web development firms alike, project management is an important aspect of your business. Your clients need a resource to be able to check the progress of the work and provide feedback. Ideally, with a good project management system in place, your clients will be thoroughly pleased with the end result.

There are several excellent web-based project management tools on the market today. If you can afford to use a subscription service, I would highly recommend Basecamp. Although Basecamp was written in Ruby on Rails, it is an excellent advertisement for effective, streamlined project management solutions. For those of us who do not necessarily need a subscription-based product, you can build your own!

Building your own project management tool from the ground up will require a bit of in-depth PHP and some Javascript knowledge. The most important aspects of the application are securitytime-tracking,collaborative to-do listsfile sharing, a message board, and a live preview of the website – which could simply be a link to an index.html page. Of course, you can add to this list or remove features as you like. The takeaway point here is that you can learn a lot about PHP by creating this application and your customers will be happy to see their project take shape. Showing you how to get started on your own project management tool is beyond the scope of this article, but I hope I have given you a good basis to start generating ideas!


3. Graphical User Interface

For those of you who are up to the challenge, you can extend your PHP installation to create desktop applications. This one is a challenge because it requires some extensive knowledge of PHP and it might also be easier to create desktop applications in other programming languages. If PHP is your favorite programming language, then you can use some of these PHP extensions to get you started creating GUIapplications.

  • PHP GTK – This extension is a popular open source that implements the GIMP toolkit
  • ZZEE PHP GUI – A paid solution that allows you to turn your PHP scripts into Windows applications

The main advantage of creating your own PHP GUI’s is that you will learn a great deal about the language itself!

4. Building an Online Community

Whether your website is about business, entertainment, or products and services, internet users need to feel connected to the product or message. For example, if you develop web applications, a forum where your customers can discuss issues might be a good idea. As a user, if I have a question and I need support right away, a hotline or an e-mail form is often insufficient. With an online community, your visitors can help solve each other’s product-related issues, and even answer technical questions. You still have to provide some level of after-sales support, but a community can effectively decrease your workload and provide useful feedback.

You can build your own PHP-driven online community, or choose from widely available scripts that you can implement into your website. Again, if you plan to build your own forum from scratch, I do recommend the use of a PHP Framework. CodeIgniter, for example, has classes and helpers to take care of the most routine tasks you can think of. Beyond that, you can use several different forum building tools. Some popular ones include:

5. Developing Facebook Applications

You can integrate Facebook with your website using PHP. If you have developed Facebook applications using another language or you would like to get started with PHP, the Facebook developer’s wiki can help you to get started. The developer’s wiki explains the Facebook PHP client library and provides detailed instructions on how to install and use the files included in the library. This is certainly worth a look if you are interested in programming for the Facebook platform. For Facebook users interested in the back-end of the platform, this would be a natural step.



6. Generating PDF Files

The PDF format is Adobe’s proprietary file type for document exchange. Using a library called PDFLib, you can generate PDF files with PHP. This library is already included with PHP5; to access it, you need to uncomment the appropriate lines in your PHP configuration file. An example of why creating PDF files might come in useful is, if you were building an online invoicing application and you wanted to output an HTML-generated invoice in PDF format. You can then send the invoice via e-mail or print a copy of it to your client.

7. Parsing XML Files

Php permits you to parse Xml documents. Parsing Xml is a vital characteristic of Php 5 since not all programs can yield the substance of a Xml document; so you can make a parser in Php to expedite this methodology. Utilizing Xml is paramount for Rss channels, and likewise for information space and rendering information on distinctive mechanisms – for instance, cells utilize a usage of Xml called Wml (Wireless Markup Language). Working with Xml indexes in Php is comparative to taking care of the opening, shutting, and perusing of a record. The steps included are making a Xml parser, setting capacities to handle your opening and shutting Xml tags, opening the record for perusing, perusing the index incrementally then after that end it.

XML Parcing

XML Parcing

Source From http://net.tutsplus.com