Browse and choose images without page reloading (Image File Browser)

Image File Browser

Image File Browser

This class might be utilized to let the client peruse and pick pictures archived in the server.

It utilizes an Ajax based client interface to keep away from page reloading when the perusing showcase is redesigned.

Needed outside javascripts: prototype.js, scriptaculous library (scriptaculous.js,unittest.js,effects.js)

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Visual editor to let the user crop images (Crop Images)

Crop User images.

Crop User images.

This bundle could be utilized to actualize a superficial manager to let the client yield pictures.

It produces Html, Javascript and Css for a client interface to let the client click on a picture and outline a territory of the picture to be edited.

A Php class of the bundle can trim the picture as characterized by the client and save the trimmed picture to a given record.

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Trigger an AJAX request upon an HTML page event

This is a very simple class that generates HTML attributes to handle events on page elements using AJAX requests.

It generates Javascript code that calls a simple Javascript library that performs an AJAX request and uses the request response to update the contents of a given page element.

The AJAX request URL, request method, and the page element to be update are configurable.

The code and documentation is available in English and Spanish.

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Suggest words to complete text inputs using AJAX

This class might be utilized to finish statements entered in content inputs utilizing Ajax to recover culmination statements from the a Mysql database table without page reloading.

It creates Html for a content structure enter with the vital Javascript to perform Ajax demands to recover proposed statements to finish the content that the client sorts in the content data.

The Ajax appeal is took care of by a script that inquiries a Mysql database that returns a record of prescribed finish expressions.

The inferred expressions are shown in menu that shows up beneath the content info. The client may select an inferred word with a cursor crux.

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Generate Google Charts data in JSON format

This class can generate Google Charts data in JSON format.

It can compose the definition of a chart to be rendered by Google Charts API.

The class generates the definitions of the chart in JSON format so it can be served to update charts dynamically using AJAX requests.

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Generate HTML and Javascript for displaying forms

This class might be utilized to create Html and Javascript for showing shapes.

This undertaking advertises quick advancement of shapes through an item arranged Php structure, kills the grunt/repetitive work of composing the html and javascript approval when building shapes, decreases human slip by utilizing a consistent/tested utility, and consolidate complex components, for example ajax, jquery, google maps, tooltips, captcha, and html web editors rapidly and with small endeavor.

There are 15 illustration records that give numerous executions of the class and will give you a head begin in your advancement. Additionally, there are presently 3 Youtube films that give a progressively in-profundity look different bits of the task.

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Select friends on Facebook (Facebook Custom Friends Selector)

This class might be utilized create a requisition that could be utilized to select companions on Facebook.

It creates the essential Html, Css and Javascript to presentation a record of companions of the present Facebook client.

The client can pick which companions he needs to select then afterward the companions record is submitted to a given Url utilizing Ajax to abstain from reloading the entire page.

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