How to get version of magento

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Friend this was question i was searching for a lot and was difficult to get it so writing here for you so that you may get help easily

<?php Mage::getVersion(); ?>

Use the above code to get the current version of magento you are using on the store

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How to use Twitter Bootstrap 3 for non-responsive site



As you know the new Bootstrap 3 is “mobile first”:

With Bootstrap 2, we added optional mobile friendly styles for key aspects of the framework. With Bootstrap 3, we’ve rewritten the project to be mobile friendly from the start. Instead of adding on optional mobile styles, they’re baked right into the core. In fact, Bootstrap is mobile first. Mobile first styles can be found throughout the entire library instead of in separate files.

Well, how can we disable the responsive features? Bootstrap itself give you the answer here but it’s not so clear, so here we’re going to explain.

Step 1: Remove the viewport

This is simple. Remove (or just don’t add) the viewport <meta> in your HTML code.

Step 2: Remove the max-width on the .container class

Add this class in your CSS (or LESS) stylesheet:

The above class will overrides the default max-width attribute of the .container class.

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Adding Bootstrap to Joomla Template

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Bootstrap Template can be added to the existing joomla template if they are not one or you can also add it to your own customized theme. You can download the necessary Bootstap files from the official site( To add Bootstrap to our template, we have to include the following files

  • bootstrap.css (or bootstrap.min.css)
  • bootstrap.js (or bootstrap.min.js)

Actually what Joomla does is that, it automatically adds few JavaScript and CSS files. Instead of the following line,

<jdoc:include type=”head” />

Joomla will replace with,


Since Joomla itself adds bootstrap js file by default, we have to add only the bootstrap css file.Go to the index.php file of the template folder. Add the following code in the index.php at the top,


$doc = JFactory::getDocument();

$doc->addStyleSheet($this->baseurl . ‘/media/jui/css/bootstrap.min.css’);


Thats it. Now…

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Write less do more with ASP.NET MVC Templates

My Blog MVC 5 has a host of awesome features that can be leveraged to make a good and maintainable website. One of these features is the templating system.
MVC offers two types of templates for views, namely:

  • Display Templates: Used for displaying certain data.
  • Editor templates : Used for creating an editor for the data

NinjaWPF and Silverlight developers users will find a lot of similarity in the MVC templating system.Ninja

The MVC templating system uses DataType as an identifier to select the appropriate template for use. In order to use the templates we have to use the following synatx so that MVC can invoke the template selection.

For Display templates:

where m can be the model for the view.

For Editor Templates:

where m can be the model for the view.

For demo we will Create/Modify the editor template for data type String. In this demo I will…

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Our 6th Incorporation Day!!!

We congratulate to all our Team Members for this Annual Day, This day is all because of their hard work, and dedication towards us, and we hope their support will be on going in same way.

We also congratulate all our Clients who had believe in us and give us a chance to work with them and without their kind support this Day was not possible.

Vivacity-InfoTech-6th-incorporation day

WordPress Twitter Plugin

The microblogging service that started back in 2006 has made an undeniable impact not only in the world of social networking, but on the world in general. Twitter is one of the top social media channels and if you use WordPress, both can be integrated perfectly to maximize your efforts and achieve your goals. The amount of exposure Twitter provides has made it very appealing to both businesses and individuals.

With its increasing popularity, there has been a demand to find ways to utilize its potential, especially among WordPress users, and the people have responded with an abundance of Twitter-centric plugins and hacks.

Twitter is one of the top social media channels and if you use WordPress, both can be integrated perfectly to maximize your efforts and achieve your goals.
With over a million downloads, the WP Twitter Feeds plugin is one of the most popular Twitter related plugins available to WordPress users. The plugin is designed to completely integrate your WordPress blog and Twitter accounts and offers a couple of other useful features.


An easy Twitter feeds widget that provides facility to display twitter tweets on your website using the latest Twitter 1.1 API. A simple widget which lets you add your latest tweets in widget areas. Get started in just a few clicks and use the provided Widget to easily display your Tweets on your website.


Now you don`t need to copy and paste the code from twitter with your settings anymore, just install the plugin and set the options. By option page, you can define the duration of fade effect, the number of tweet to see and other things.

The “WP Twitter Feeds” Widget will never require your Twitter password, because it based on Open Authentication (OAuth) keys and secrets, that you will get by creating your application at Twitter. It gets all your required data from API. In-case you change your password, you won’t need to update your Widget in your Blog.

Rate Us / Feedback
Please take the time to let us and others know about your experiences by leaving a review, so that we can improve the plugin for you and other users.

Want More?
If You Want more functionality or some modifications, just drop us a line what you want and We will try to add or modify the plugin functions.

If you like the plugin please Donate here.

Download it here

Dropbox Buys Bubbli, Will Integrate The 3D Photo Tech Into Its Photo Service

It looks like Dropbox has made another acquisition today in the photo space: it has acquired Bubbli, a startup that has built some innovative ways of incorporating 3D technology into 2D views, and packaging it in a mobile app for ordinary consumers to use.

We’re reaching out to get more details from both companies. For now, Bubbli has been sending out a notice to its users today announcing the deal.

The note points out that Bubbli is not popping, so to speak. The tech is getting integrated into Dropbox, and in the meantime the existing Bubbli app will stay alive.

Bubbli was founded by two Stanford alums, Ben Newhouse and Terrence McArdle, who have respectively broken ground in imaging technology.

McArdle “invented the first seamless digital spherical photo in 1991, three years before the release of QTVR,” Bubbli notes on its site. Meanwhile, Ben — while working at Yelp several years ago — created Yelp Monocle, the “first Augmented Reality app to launch on the US App Store.”

grandcanyonThe two met at Stanford and started to work together combining their expertise, resulting in — which gives users the ability to take panoramic-style pictures with a sweep of their phones, and then use those to create spherical-like, moving pictures, complete with sound.


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