Amazon Rolls Out A YouTube-Like “Video Shorts” Section On Instant Video


Microsoft will add more Open-Source Projects To Azure

At O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention in Portland, Ore., today, Microsoft’s Open Technologies subsidiary announced two new partnerships that bring support for more open source technologies to the Microsoft Azure platform. Developers will now be able to use Azure with, for example, a service for creating machine images for multiple platforms from one source configuration. The other service the team now supports is OpenNebula, a tool for managing heterogeneous data center infrastructures.

OpenNebula now supports hybrid cloud deployments on Azure, and existing OpenNebula users — many of which are large telecom firms — can now move their applications to Microsoft’s cloud. They could, of course, use Microsoft’s own Azure tools to manage these deployments, but many of these users have made deep investments in OpenNebula already. It’s worth noting that Amazon and a number of other cloud vendors already support this service on their platforms.

Credit Source: TechCrunch

Understanding Bootstrap Grid System


Summary of important points about Bootstrap Grid System

  • Bootstrap supports 12 column grid
  • Columns (.cl-*) must be placed within row (.row)
  • Rows (.row) must be placed within a fixed-width (.container) or full-width (.container-fluid) container.
  • .col-xs-* is used to target extra small device like smart phones with width < 768px
  • .col-sm-* is used to target small device like tablets with width ? 768px
  • .col-md-* is used to target medium device like small desktop and laptops with width ? 992px
  • .col-lg-* is used to target large device with width ? 1200px
  • All columns should sum up to 12. For example, to have three equal sized columns on mobile phone use .col-xs-4.
  • Grid (.col-*) classes only apply to devices with screen width greater than or equal to the break point. For example, if layout is created with .col-md-4 then…

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