[MAGENTO] Magento Database Optimization and log cleaning Functionality

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Magento is heavy on web servers because of its vast and secured modular structure. An eCommerce system must have powerful tracking system which can track customer activities and orders and other relevant data tracking and Magento have all this functional and storing every information in MySQL different database tables in form of logs. Magento have around 10 logs tables which needs to be optimized periodically.

10 Log tables are:

To Magento database log cleaning and optimizing through admin panel step by step:

STEP 1: Login in to admin Panel.
STEP 2: Go to system->configurations.
STEp 3: Go to left side tab “system”(Under advanced).
STEP 4: GO to right content Log Cleaning.
STEP 5: Enable it.
STEP 6: Donot forget to give email id(For notification of any fault during log cleaning process).

Its an automated optimizations.
If you want to do…

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Google lists 127 of the best Android apps in the world, and you need to try them all


If you were gifted a new Android device last week for Christmas and you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin, today is your lucky day. In fact, even if you’re a seasoned Android veteran, today is still your lucky day because Google has gone through the hundreds of thousands of apps in its Google Play app store and cherry picked the cream of the crop. The result is a list of 127 Android apps that Google has deemed to be “must-have” apps, and old and new Android users alike should check them all out.

The best part, by the way, is that they’re almost all completely free.

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About Magento 2.0 developer documentation

Alan Kent's Blog

With Magento 2 dev beta we also launch documentation in GitHub. Here is a bit more info for those interested.

Hi everybody, this is Bradburn Young with a guest post. Thanks to Alan for lending me his space to talk to you here.

I lead a team of technical writers here at Magento. We publish Magento 2.0 developer documentation, and I’m writing the community of Magento developers to let you know that we’d like to hear from you. We rely sincerely on the understanding and experience of our developer community to help us shape documents that make your work easier to do. I’m going to tell you about a step we’ve taken to make it simpler for you to talk directly to us.

For the Developer Beta release, we’ve moved our documentation from the old public wiki to a new location and platform, http://devdocs.magento.com. Below are some basic questions and…

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