Best Filter Plugins for WordPress Blog

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

The plugin lets you create a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio.

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WordPress Options

The plugin allows you to easily add options to your products, themes or plugins.

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Advanced Post Manager

The plugin allows you to turbo charge your posts admin for any custom post type with sortable filters and columns, and auto-registration of meta-boxes.

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WP Hide Post

The plugin enables you to control the visibility of items on your blog by making posts/pages hidden on some parts of your blog, while still visible in other part.

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wpautop control

The plugin allows you to add a global setting to turn the wpautop filter on and off as well as to override this default for any post by adding a wpautop custom field.

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LionScripts: IP Blocker Lite

The plugin allows you to stop the Spam Visitors and malicious IP Addresses. You can block IP addresses by using the manual method or the Bulk IPs Upload method.

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Display Widgets

The plugin simply hide widgets on specified pages as well as add checkboxes to each widget to either show or hide it on every site page.

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BP Profile Search

The plugin adds a configurable search form to your BuddyPress site allowing your visitors to find site members searching their extended profiles.

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Menu Item Visibility Control

The plugin lets you use WordPress Conditional Tags to enable or disable menu items on the front-end. It works like ‘Widget Logic’ but for menu items.

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Latest Custom Post Type Updates

The plugin allows you to widgetized display of your filtered regular posts in a widget.

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Ultimate Tables

The plugin lets you create, manage and design tables without writing html code with options like paging, sorting, filtering, and searching on board.

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WebPurify Profanity Filter

The plugin with the help of powerful WebPurify Profanity Filter API will allow you to stop profanity in comments.

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Allow HTML in Category Descriptions

The plugin allows you to use unfiltered HTML in your category descriptions by disabling selected WordPress filters.

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The plugin hides all your email adresses, with and without a mailto-link, by converting them using javascript or UNICODE.

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IP Filter

The plugin allows you to grant or deny access to a list of IP addresses.

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Remove WordPress to WordPress filter

The plugin will turn off the default filter that changes all instances of “WordPress” to “WordPress”.

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Frontpage Category Filter

The plugin allows you to show on your frontpage only posts from the categories that you select.

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Widget Logic

The plugin lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP’s conditional tags. It also adds a ‘widget_content’ filter.

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Google reveals the first low-cost Android One phones

Android One is a reference platform — it’s a set of rules that device makers can follow to make low-cost phones. It makes it easier for manufacturers to develop and produce devices, because Google is doing all of the hard work figuring out materials costs. For Google, it ensures that even low-end devices can run its software and run it well, providing everyone with a uniformly decent experience. Where KitKat was Google’s effort to address the software issues on low-end devices, Android One is now doing the same for hardware. The company calls it a “a comprehensive solution to address the mobile computing needs of those in emerging markets.”

As predicted, Google has just revealed the first Android One phones at an event in India today. Micromax, Karbonn and Spice Mobiles are the companies working with Google at launch, all three launching new handsets this morning. What can we expect from an Android One device? Karbonn, for example, is launching the “Sparkle V Red,” (pictured below) which comes with dual SIM slots, a 4.5-inch display (480 x 854), a 5-megapixel primary camera, 1GB of RAM and, importantly, the latest version of Android (KitKat).

Google isn’t just controlling the hardware with Android One, either — it’s also making sure the devices run the latest versions of Android and aren’t encumbered by unnecessary software additions, which could endanger whatever performance advantage KitKat had given them. Android One phones will run stock Android, get automatic updates, and access Google’s Play Store for apps and media content.

Microsoft will add more Open-Source Projects To Azure

At O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention in Portland, Ore., today, Microsoft’s Open Technologies subsidiary announced two new partnerships that bring support for more open source technologies to the Microsoft Azure platform. Developers will now be able to use Azure with, for example, a service for creating machine images for multiple platforms from one source configuration. The other service the team now supports is OpenNebula, a tool for managing heterogeneous data center infrastructures.

OpenNebula now supports hybrid cloud deployments on Azure, and existing OpenNebula users — many of which are large telecom firms — can now move their applications to Microsoft’s cloud. They could, of course, use Microsoft’s own Azure tools to manage these deployments, but many of these users have made deep investments in OpenNebula already. It’s worth noting that Amazon and a number of other cloud vendors already support this service on their platforms.

Credit Source: TechCrunch

Bootstrap based Free WordPress Themes

Bootstrap is a free front-end framework that consists of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions for navigation, slider, transitions, scrollspy, tabs, alerts etc. It was origionally developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Now it is open sources and is the most popular GitHub development project. Since Bootstrap hit version 2.0 it is no longer associated with Twitter.

Bootstrap 3.1 introduced an official Sass port, further expanding the framework’s toolbox. Last year Bootstrap joined the flat design craze with its 3.0 release and a new optional theme. The default box model and basic UI components have been greatly improved.

Bootstrap helps you to kickstart your development of webapps and websites. Vivacity InfoTech is a marketplace for free Bootstrap themes and templates. Impress your clients and visitors while using a single, rock-solid foundation.



Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Bootstrap is now simplified with version 3.0 and now features with flat designs. It wasn’t made flat to follow latest design trends but instead to make it simpler and more developer friendly. Earlier Buttons, tabs, navigation and other elements simply had too much styling that are now removed.

Vivacity InfoTech Bootsrap themes

Additional improvement in Bootstrap 3 is mobile-first approach. It‘s not as awesome as it might sound but it still is a great improvement.

WordPress Plugins are released now

Our first set of WordPress plugins for Twitter Feeds, FaceBook Fanbox, Google Analytics, and QR code is now released and uploaded to our Wordress Plugin Respository here

These plugins are developed for social need of any WordPress Powered blog, so use can use them to increase traffic to their website or blogs. These are free and easy to setup, you can try them and send us your valuable feedback to improve or add new features. We are also doing customization to Wordrpess, Joomla, Magento based E-commerce website and developing Responsive Themes for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other popular CMS.

Our Themes & Templates are Bootstrap based Responsive and mobile friendly.

We make sure that we know every little thing about the company to make sure that we incorporate the image and brand of the company in their websites. We put time to really conceptualize a design that is professionally done and very well represents a company.

We have over 8 years of experience in creating clean websites and experts of WordPress Themes & Plugins. We are passionate about latest web standards and love to code using semantically correct HTML5 & CSS3 & jQuery.
We develop custom websites easy with better PSD to WordPress Joomla, Magento.
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If you need any customization, or support in installing themes, then drop us a line, we will sort this out for you.



Bootstrap is an HTML5 & CSS3 framework designed to help you kickstart the development of web applications and websites.

Key web development skills

Api Knowledge

A crux instrument for any maturing web designer is Api information. It’s great to acquaint yourself with a mixed bag of provision interfaces. I began utilizing the Twitter Rest Api with Php and Curl when twitter initially started the Api to fundamentally get a clients tweets, pretty modest now I think back, yet around then it was the first occasion when i’d done such a marvel as this. As the improvement of social media proceeds this will in an ever widening margin open up chances to improve more requisitions that interface with each one in turn and make our every day errands more astounding.


There’s usually a system for practically each modifying dialect out there. If you choose to study the jquery schema for Javascript or Cake for Php every one will help you succeed as a consultant and further your profession as a web artist. Structures in numerous regards take out the burdensome dreary errands we confront day by day and give us more time to concentrate on advancing front line items or provisions.

iPhone Applications

Associations are Increasingly seeing the gigantic potential that there is in the versatile stage. Provisions that are sanction and make it into the Apple application store have the chance to be downloaded many times and can conceivably profit. Having a particular aptitude to have the ability to produce for this business sector could be exceptionally lucrative, particularly in the present investment atmosphere when associations are turning to social media to fitting openings where they’re not seeing degree of profitability from other promoting divisions.

CMS Customization

A convenient expertise to have is a general learning of how to utilize content administration frameworks. For instance raising topics and plugins for WordPress, or modules and parts for Joomla and Mambo. As an artist its vital to have a thought of the structure of a mixture of CMS’. In the event that you have a wordpress blog/site, that is a simple route to acquaint yourself with the stage. Recall that its dependably less demanding to study something by drenching yourself in the engineering.

Online Payments

Organizations are continually set to need installment results on the web. Having the aptitudes to take a site and combine paypal or google checkout will permit you to go far. We’re beginning to see numerous third gathering programming associations setting up and offering programming at additional moderate costs, take Panic for instance. They are a generally modest association that advance a choice of web advancement programming for the mac. Numerous new startups are settling for an item based income stream instead of profiting immaculately through ads, income offer, or organization bargains. This opens up the interest for gifted planners to have the capacity to assemble installment results.