PHP 7: An quick overview

PHP 7.0.0 was released on December 3rd, 2015. The community quickly produced several builds which make it easy to install this new version using your system’s package manager.Now You can download the source code here php-7.0.0
The PHP 7 release brought some much-desired changes and improvements t…

Produce HTML Forms to control Mysql records

This class could be utilized to create HTML structures to control Mysql table records.

It can take a rundown of Mysql table fields and produce HTML for structures to select, addition, redesign, erase table records.

The class can additionally perform given approvals of specified fields and conjure given callback works on certain structure preparing occasions.

Source Code is here

Generate CAPTCHA validation images

This class can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images.

It generates a random validation text and renders it in an image obfuscated with some lines.

The generated image is stored in a given directory and the text is stored in a session variable for posterior validation.

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Validate and process file uploads

This class can be used to validate and process file uploads.

It can take the name of a given form upload field and check the respective upload information to see if there was no error and the file MIME type is the one that is expected.

If the file upload was validate, the class moves the file to a given destination directory and output details of the uploaded file.

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Validate values submitted with Web forms

This class might be utilized to approve qualities submitted utilizing Web structures.

It takes as parameters the worth of submitted structure field, an approval guideline , acceptance parameters, and a failure message.

The class stores the lapse message in a class variable when esteem does not pass the asked for acceptance tenet.

Right now it backs the sorts of approval tenets: content, numeric, message, void, invalid, scheck, mcheck and select.

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Create blog posts stored in text files

This class could be utilized to make blog entries which are saved in content documents.

It can make blog entries that are archived in a content index, uprooting all line breaks of the blog entry HTML so each one post just possesses line in the website document.

The class likewise uproots hazardous tags that could be utilized to perform cross-site scripting assaults.

It can additionally concentrate blog entry information from the website index.

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Call PHP functions from Javascript using AJAX

This class might be utilized to call PHP capacities from Javascript utilizing AJAX to escape page reloading.

It can create Javascript code to make AJAX appeal utilizing the Jquery library to execute PHP works on the server side.

The class can enlist PHP callback work that will be called when the AJAX solicitations are sent.

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