NASA would develop a ‘GitHub for astronauts’

If you have studied rocket science, NASA would enable you to make your own space craft!
From April 10, the US space agency is set to reveal its enormous database highlighting where to find software for more than 1,000 of its projects.

NASA would offer a searchable database of projects,” Daniel Lockney, technology transfer program executive at NASA, was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report.

We have collected a large amount of software projects, everything from design tools to robotic control systems, Lockney added.

NASA would develop a ‘GitHub for astronauts’ by hosting the actual software code in its own online repository, which will be found at

The data can be accessed free of copyright, but special clearance would be needed for anyone who wants to access projects like rocket guidance systems.

With this data, people could put together their own rocket.

One of the main goals of the database is to help develop technology that can be transferred to other sectors, the report added.

These data may even help hackers and entrepreneurs push their existing ideas in new directions – as well as help trigger new concepts.


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Voting Rights Bill For NRI (Non Resident Indian)

Parliament has approved voting rights for non-resident Indians in elections with the Lok Sabha adopting the Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill, 2010, However, the person will be able to exercise the franchise only if he or she is present in the constituency on the polling day. The new law will allow an Indian citizen residing abroad to enrol in voter’s list and exercise his franchise even if he or she remained away from place of residence in India for more than six months owing to employment, education or otherwise.

But there are more then 20 million Indians living abroad and it is practically impossible to have 20 million people travel to India at the same time.

So a combination of Internet and Postal Ballot is more practical, reasonable and feasible solution in current situation. It can:

-Reduces logistics and finance involved in mailing Postal Ballot from Indian Govt.
-It’s safe and secure way of voting by any Indian citizen residing overseas.
-The time frame perfectly suits to send the casted ballot paper back.