NASA would develop a ‘GitHub for astronauts’

If you have studied rocket science, NASA would enable you to make your own space craft!
From April 10, the US space agency is set to reveal its enormous database highlighting where to find software for more than 1,000 of its projects.

NASA would offer a searchable database of projects,” Daniel Lockney, technology transfer program executive at NASA, was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report.

We have collected a large amount of software projects, everything from design tools to robotic control systems, Lockney added.

NASA would develop a ‘GitHub for astronauts’ by hosting the actual software code in its own online repository, which will be found at

The data can be accessed free of copyright, but special clearance would be needed for anyone who wants to access projects like rocket guidance systems.

With this data, people could put together their own rocket.

One of the main goals of the database is to help develop technology that can be transferred to other sectors, the report added.

These data may even help hackers and entrepreneurs push their existing ideas in new directions – as well as help trigger new concepts.


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WordPress Plugins are released now

Our first set of WordPress plugins for Twitter Feeds, FaceBook Fanbox, Google Analytics, and QR code is now released and uploaded to our Wordress Plugin Respository here

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We make sure that we know every little thing about the company to make sure that we incorporate the image and brand of the company in their websites. We put time to really conceptualize a design that is professionally done and very well represents a company.

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Bootstrap is an HTML5 & CSS3 framework designed to help you kickstart the development of web applications and websites.

Compress your HTML code using PHP

When we write code we love to format it nicely adding tabs, line breaks and indentations, but the end user isn’t interested in how lovely the source code is, they just want the page content, so this script strips out all the line breaks and spaces in your code and puts it on one line, compressing your code and making it faster.

// start output buffer

<!– all xhtml content here –>

// end output buffer and echo the page content

// this function gets rid of tabs, line breaks, and white space
function compress_html($compress)
$i = array(‘/>[^S ]+/s’,’/[^S ]+</s’,’/(s)+/s’);
$ii = array(‘>’,'<‘,’1’);
return preg_replace($i, $ii, $compress);

What is a Responsive Design?

A website that can be easily viewed and used in all types of devices or in other words “A Website That Can Responds to Various Screen Sizes”.

Responsive web design(Rwd) is a web outline approach pointed at making destinations to give an optimal survey experience—simple perusing and route with at least resizing, panning, and scrolling—over an extensive variety of apparatuses (from desktop Pc screens to versatile phones).

A site outlined with Rwd acclimates the layout to the survey environment by utilizing liquid, extent based grids, adaptable images, and Css3 media queries, an amplification of the @media rule.

The liquid lattice notion calls for page component measuring to be in relative units like rates, instead of supreme units like pixels or points.

Adaptable pictures are additionally measured in relative units, to anticipate them from showing outside their holding element.

Media questions permit the page to utilize distinctive Css style leads dependent upon attributes of the mechanism the site seems to be shown on, generally regularly the width of the browser.

Server-side segments (Ress) in conjunction with customer side ones, for example media inquiries can transform speedier stacking locales for access over cell arranges and likewise convey wealthier functionality/usability.

There are two primary approaches for designing a responsive design for a website.

1. By Media Queries
2. By Detecting Device

Remake Your Business Strategies Through Affordable Web Development

In today’s post-nature, sites have picked up enormous vitality inside conglomerations that need to make a worldwide effect through items that they accept are one of a kind and full of reason. The present overpowering requests for reasonable web growth further creates the way that business systems can no more get by without innovation, or would it be advisable for me to say that they are conjoined, rather coincide. Although content and ease of use are critical to an online stage, it is a stable execution prepare coupled with secure and optimal exhibition that might convey the sought objectives.

In the wake of having picked up huge experience in the circle of online business, Indian web growth bureaus have turned into the pioneers in this field of function. What’s more this accomplishment was not as simple as it has all the earmarks of being, as these conglomeration enduringly worked towards conveying results according to worldwide principles through thoroughly redesigning themselves about the evolving patterns. To them the employment of a visionary is not simply restricted to planning as they additionally own the information to do promotional and showcasing techniques. A portion of the most essential components that their practice incorporate are as accompanies:

  • Comprehension the intended interest group and their taste is key for improving site plans that will draw more clients. Correspondingly even the taste and prerequisite of the customer should be kept in view or else the whole venture may go in vain.
  • To attain exceptional standing on the Serp, watchwords and expresses need to be fittingly embedded in light of the fact that without it, there are risks of not many guests going to a site.
  • It is indispensable that the Unique Selling Proposition be highlighted on any business site as it might be supportive in portraying the striking characteristics of a conglomeration and accentuate on what makes it unique in relation to different contenders.

Without the attention of these realities, a complete site might likewise seem inadequate to the crowd which might in turn hamper the quantifiable profit. In this way, it gets quintessential to recognize the aforementioned variables and conveyance of an online website might as well just be performed in the wake of checking the best possible purpose of all components progressively.

Confirm clients without reloading a login page.

This class can be used to authenticate users without reloading a login page.

It can generate the HTML with Javascript that uses the jQuery library to present a login form that is submitted using an AJAX request for verifying the user password.

The class uses a separate database access class to perform a database query to the users database in order to verify whether the user and password are correct.

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Alter and save a passage of content in a Html page

This class might be utilized to alter and save a passage of content in a Html page.

It copartners the vital Javascript occasion taking care of code to transform a given passage in a Html page into editable content when the client clicks on it.

The point when the client completes the process of altering the produced Javascript submit the passage content to the Web server utilizing Ajax demand so it might be safeguarded.

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