13 in a dozen db class

Access MySQL servers and display queries in tables

This class could be utilized to gain entrance to Mysql database servers and show question brings about Html tables.

It can create database associations with a given Mysql host, recover server database qualified information, execute Sql questions, recover the embedded identifier by the final Insert question, get the amount of effected lines by an inquiry, get the amount of returned lines by an inquiry, get the amount of sections in a question effect set, recover question come about columns into shows or objects.

The class can additionally create Html tables to presentation inquiry result information or metadata about the question consequence sections.



Show pagination links for MySQL query results

This class could be utilized to show pagination connects for Mysql inquiry results.

It can take a given Mysql question and check the aggregate number of the outcomes so it can verify the Limit statement parameters to inquiry and show the present inquiry results page range.

The class can likewise create route connections to skim the different pages of the inquiry effects.

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Split MySQL query results in multiple pages

This is a modest class that might be utilized to part Mysql question brings about different pages. It takes as parameters a Sql question and the breaking point of records to show for every page.

The class can execute the question recovering just the lines that are for the present page. It can likewise create connections to peruse the pages on which the question effects are shown.

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Export and import data in CSV from HTML or MySQL

This class can be used to export and import data in CSV format from HTML tables or MySQL database tables. It can:

– Parse an HTML document with tables and generate CSV data from the table cells
– Parse an CSV file and import it into a MySQL database table
– Generate CSV data from MySQL query results

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Manage agenda to track items borrowed to people

This bundle operates a driving force that is utilized to keep track acquired things to other individuals.

A database table archives the qualified information about the things that were acquired, when they were acquired and by whom.

This class can give a period table all the acquired things and the clients that acquired them in a given month.

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