WooCommerce FrontEnd Pro Product Manager

WooCommerce FrontEnd Pro product manager is a powerful WooCommerce add-on that explicitly implemented to switch your WooCommerce website into a multi-seller platform in front-end. WooCommerce FrontEnd Pro product manager plugin helps to manage all the shop-vendor’s products, their product orders, profile settings and other WooCommerce settings from the front-end of your site. No back-end access required for the shop-vendors to set up his own products and profile settings on your site.

WooCommerce FrontEnd Pro product manager add-on also have feature of shop-vendors registration, shop-vendors front-end login and all WooCommerce plugin feature.
This offers customers a higher number of products from different sellers. Read more…

How to hide WordPress admin for your subscribers?

These functions will help you for hiding  WordPress admin for your subscribers. We’ve used a capability of “edit_posts” which is just outside of the roles of a Subscriber user. If the user is logged in, but can’t edit posts, then hide the admin bar on the frontend of the website. If the user is logged in, but can’t edit posts, do not allow them to access the WordPress admin panel.
This code could go in functions.php of your theme or in a plugin you create.

* Disable admin bar in frontend for subscribers.
function themeblvd_disable_admin_bar() {
if( ! current_user_can('edit_posts') )
add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'themeblvd_disable_admin_bar' );

* Redirect to homepage and not allow access to
* WP admin for Subscribers.
function themeblvd_redirect_admin(){
if ( ! current_user_can( ‘edit_posts’ ) ){
wp_redirect( site_url() );
add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘themeblvd_redirect_admin’ );

WooCommerce FrontEnd Add-on

Product Description

WooCommerce-FrontEnd_by-Vivacity-InfoTechWooCommerce FrontEnd product manager is a powerful WooCommerce add-on that helps to manage all the user’s products, their product orders, profile settings and other WooCommerce settings from the front-end of your site. No back-end access required for the user to set up his own products on your site. This add-on will also add the feature of user registration, user front-end login and all WooCommerce plugin feature. It`s a complete package for the users to manage everything regarding their products, their product orders, their profile, there WooCommerce settings along with the PayPal payment settings. Adding, editing, updating, trashing and permanently deletion of product feature is also available. User can view their product orders with different view options as completed, pending and all orders and can also mark them as completed. User can also view the information of the product buyer. Profile edit, WooCommerce settings such as billing and shipping address and PayPal account setting option is also available. To use this add-on feature just user this [woo_frontend_product_manager] short-code and the whole setup will be done automatically.

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Easy Customers Testimonials Magento Extension

Easy Customers Testimonials

Easy Testimonial Extension provides you a fully featured testimonial manager for your website. You can customize the Testimonial appearing on Testimonial list page with custom Page title, Testimonials background color, link and text color etc. You also can configure Testimonial Form with optional captcha. Only approved testimonials will display in front-end and in sidebar slider. Admin user can add his own testimonials from Admin panel and also can edit of other user`s Testimonials. Your store Customer can write their own reviews about your site on review form. It showcase the testimonials written by your customers, their Name, Company, Website with their logo Image. Customer can also add ratings as like product review system.

Testimonials Features

  • Testimonial submit form with the option of image, email, website URL, details review and with user`s ratings
  • List Testimonials page shows all testimonials
  • You can show list of Testimonial in your store sidebar too, A jQuery slider enabled for your Testimonial box in sidebar




Microsoft will add more Open-Source Projects To Azure

At O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention in Portland, Ore., today, Microsoft’s Open Technologies subsidiary announced two new partnerships that bring support for more open source technologies to the Microsoft Azure platform. Developers will now be able to use Azure with Packer.io, for example, a service for creating machine images for multiple platforms from one source configuration. The other service the team now supports is OpenNebula, a tool for managing heterogeneous data center infrastructures.

OpenNebula now supports hybrid cloud deployments on Azure, and existing OpenNebula users — many of which are large telecom firms — can now move their applications to Microsoft’s cloud. They could, of course, use Microsoft’s own Azure tools to manage these deployments, but many of these users have made deep investments in OpenNebula already. It’s worth noting that Amazon and a number of other cloud vendors already support this service on their platforms.

Credit Source: TechCrunch

WooCommerce for iOS is launched now

There has been a Mexican wave of activity at WooThemes this month – Canvas child themes, our birthday celebrations, the announcement of the WooCommerce conference – and it continues today with some particularly exciting news. Our WooCommerce iPhone app is here!


It’s available in iTunes for $4.99.

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The WooThemes Team

Floating Social Share WordPress Plugin

Digg Digg, a plug-in in WordPress allows the user to circulate the content of his site on the Social Media. It provides for multifarious modifications, the most significant one being the floating nature of the bar. At the end, it is upto the user to decide the stylization of his bar-where the bar should be shown, that is on the Home page or Posts page and so on, how the bar should be shown, that is either horizontally or vertically and various other stylization options as well. The user has to manually enable the Floating bar; it does not get enabled by default.


The main reason why people go for Digg Digg is its lazy loading nature. It holds up the loading of the button by 5-10 seconds. This ensures that the page is loaded first and then the buttons are exhibited on the user’s site. However, the arrangement of the bar needs to be done by the user manually which prevents the bar from being lively upon activation. Furthermore, if the resolution of the user’s screen is lower than 1024px, the bar would be hidden completely. The features of Digg Digg are thus as follows:

Plugins Features

  • Showcases all the popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and so on.
  • Supports generation of thumbnails, contains various languages, displays faces and also has the provision of the send button
  • Offers the user with a wide variety of Modifications and Customizations
  • The lazy loading nature of this Plug-in enhances the performance of the website
  • Provides support in Excerpt form and also provides for Email and Print options
  • Contains buttons of wide diversity and range. Provides the user with a lot of choices.

With the provision of this Plug-in, the user has an all-in-one plug-in for the purpose of social sharing on his/her blog. It gives a unique look to one’s blog, makes it look attracting.