“No input file specified”

Many PHP applications experience this error(mostly on Godaddy). There are several
solutions that can resolve this. You can try these steps to solve this:

  1. ‰‰ 1.Make sure that your hosting service uses PHP version 5.
  2. In your root directory, there might be a file called php.ini. If so, rename it to php5.ini. If you see files with names such as .alias, .bash_profile, .cshrc, .screenrc, you are looking at the root directory. If you’re unsure, ask your hosting service.
  3. ‰‰ If that doesn’t work, add the line cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 to the end of php5.ini.
  4. ‰‰ If that still doesn’t work, add the line Options –MultiViews to the top of the file named .htaccess.
  5. ‰‰ If that doesn’t work, search the knowledge base and forums at http://magentocommerce.com for help.