About Magento 2

Magento 2.0, the next generation open source e-commerce CMS is now available, Download new code by visiting the Community Edition page. Magento 2 has come with a brand new architecture and database design.
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Improving the security of your Magento

Magento has become a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce industry because of its regularly updated features.The security of an eCommerce website is particularly important because these sites keep records of users’ data and order-related financial information. Securing both your data read more

How to add CSS & Javascript to Magento Themes?

In Web development JS & CSS files play a vital role, and work as a backbone or skeleton of your website. While working on a Magento project you can do this into your Magento layout files.
For adding JS or CSS, you can do this in xml layout files using methods/action: Read more…

Magento Go and ProStores are shutting down…

eBay’s occupied E-commerce platform Magento is closing down two of its products designed to reach small to medium-sized online retailers: Magento Go and ProStores. The company has posted notices and informational guides on both product websites, directing current customers to “Migration Center” dashboards and various FAQ’s that will help them move their businesses to other platforms.


In a related statement posted online, Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product and Strategy at eBay Enterprise explains that Magento is making this move in order to focus on Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition which he positions as “two solutions that better support and better equip small and medium size merchants to prosper in the evolving and increasingly competitive e-Commerce landscape.”

However, Magento Community, the open source version of the Magento platform, is generally aimed at larger retailers who need more flexibility with their code. And of course, Enterprise Edition, as its name implies, is not aimed at those with smaller shops, but rather those with millions in online sales.

In the documentation shared with Magento Go site owners, the company explains that “changing market requirements” were a significant factor in its decision to close things down. Meanwhile, the newer versions of its flagship products will offer features not available in Go, it notes, including a new responsive design reference theme, and new payment options to streamline checkout.

Magento, as you may recall, saw a number layoffs earlier this year, with nearly 50 jobs cut from the e-commerce division, according to reports.

Full Post: TechChrunch

Latest Twitter Tweets Free Magento Extension

Latest Twitter Tweets Extension is Powered with new oAuth API 1.1. and will show your latest twitter feeds in your website sidebar. Latest Tweets can be managed from Magento admin.


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Per Product Flat Shipping Magento Extension

Per Product Flat Shipping

Per Product Flat Shipping extension allows you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each first product & an additional product individually.

Per Product Flat shipping Magento Extension by Vivacity InfoTech


• Allows flat rate shipping per first product
• Allows flat rate shipping per additional product
• Free professional installation on community edition


You can install extension by using Magento Connect, It allows you to install free as well paid Magento extensions. You can download extension zip from your order email, and follow the below instructions to install in to your Magento Store. First you need to log into the Magento administrator area, and then go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. Here, login using the same login as for your Magento administrator area. Once logged in you will see two tabs: Extensions and Settings. In Extension Tab you can see a browse button, by which you can upload the extension zip you downloaded from your order email.

How to Use Flat Shipping for Per Product

You can add your product in Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product In add Product form you will get a Shipping Price Tab , here you can add price for per first item and price for per additional item. Both prices were calculated as flat shipping price in checkout process.


If you have any questions or issues about the Extension don’t hesitate to contact us :
Web: http://www.vivacityinfotech.com | Email: support@vivacityinfotech.com


“No input file specified”

Many PHP applications experience this error(mostly on Godaddy). There are several
solutions that can resolve this. You can try these steps to solve this:

  1. ‰‰ 1.Make sure that your hosting service uses PHP version 5.
  2. In your root directory, there might be a file called php.ini. If so, rename it to php5.ini. If you see files with names such as .alias, .bash_profile, .cshrc, .screenrc, you are looking at the root directory. If you’re unsure, ask your hosting service.
  3. ‰‰ If that doesn’t work, add the line cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 to the end of php5.ini.
  4. ‰‰ If that still doesn’t work, add the line Options –MultiViews to the top of the file named .htaccess.
  5. ‰‰ If that doesn’t work, search the knowledge base and forums at http://magentocommerce.com for help.