Nokia CEO “Rajeev Suri”

APART from having taken over at the helm of two iconic bluechip tech firms, both of which are now past their prime, newly-named Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella have more in common — both were just a year apart at the Manipal Institute of Technology near Mangalore in Karnataka.

Both Suri and Nadella  taught by the same faculty and both were students of electronics and communications — Nadella graduated in 1988 while Suri was in the 1989 batch.

Suri, 46, will start in his new role on May 1, Nokia said on Tuesday. Having been picked as the head of its networks division to spearhead the company’s future and revive growth after selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft Corp., 149-year-old Nokia is intensifying its focus on wireless-network equipment as it faces a fresh start.

Suri, who has run the network unit for four years, needs to challenge bigger competitors such as Sweden’s Ericsson AB and China’s Huawei Technologies Co., to turnaround dwindling equipment revenue, which accounts for about 90 per cent of Nokia’s sales now.

MIT was rather modest in its celebration, with a statement claiming that Suri’s elevation as Nokia chief, coming in the wake Nadella’s appointment as Microsoft CEO, indicated “that Manipal Institute of Technology is as good an engineering institute as any in the world”.

Source: BBCNews


Microsoft Office is now available for iPad

Microsoft has finally started offering an iPad edition of its Office software suite.It was announced at the first launch event hosted by Satya Nadella since he became chief executive of the firm.

Three separate productivity apps are available – Word, Excel and Powerpoint – each of which has been optimised for touch-based controls.Within hours of the launch, Word became the most downloaded application for iPads in Apple’s app store.The Excel and Powerpoint apps were the third and fourth most popular free app downloads, respectively, in the store.The popularity shows that customers are interested in accessing Microsoft’s signature Office products in their new, easier to use incarnation, compared with the web-based alternatives provided before.


Mr Nadella said that the announcement was part of a strategy to empower people “to be productive across all devices” with Microsoft software.

“We are taking great focus and great care to make sure Office on any device shines through,” he said, indicating that his firm would release versions of the apps for other mobile devices in the future.

However, the iPad edition is more powerful than the original iPhone version – for example more complicated edits can now be made to Powerpoint presentations and the programs make recommendations to help create visually appealing documents – and several experts believe there will be strong demand for the product.