Latest Twitter Tweets Free Magento Extension

Latest Twitter Tweets Extension is Powered with new oAuth API 1.1. and will show your latest twitter feeds in your website sidebar. Latest Tweets can be managed from Magento admin.


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WP Social Extreme WordPress Plugin

The WP Social Counter Extreme performs counting Twitter followers, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, Google+ page/profile followers, Instagram followers, Steam Community group members, SoundCloud follwers, LinkedIn followers.

It provides a widget with account options and various design layouts and Shortcodes that can be used in posts and pages.


The counts retrieved from Social network API are cached and new values ​​are checked only once a day. This cache can be wiped when published a new post.

The cache avoids not only that your blog be seeking new results every time a page is loaded, but also prevents collapse of services from Twitter and FaceBook, if one of these services does not respond, the counter displays the last count it was successful.

Displays only the count in plain text:

  • Twitter Counter
  • Facebook counter
  • YouTube counter
  • Google Plus counter
  • Instagram counter
  • Steam counter
  • SoundCloud counter
  • Pintrest Counter
  • Linkedin Counter

Shortcode and Template code feature available


WordPress Twitter Plugin

The microblogging service that started back in 2006 has made an undeniable impact not only in the world of social networking, but on the world in general. Twitter is one of the top social media channels and if you use WordPress, both can be integrated perfectly to maximize your efforts and achieve your goals. The amount of exposure Twitter provides has made it very appealing to both businesses and individuals.

With its increasing popularity, there has been a demand to find ways to utilize its potential, especially among WordPress users, and the people have responded with an abundance of Twitter-centric plugins and hacks.

Twitter is one of the top social media channels and if you use WordPress, both can be integrated perfectly to maximize your efforts and achieve your goals.
With over a million downloads, the WP Twitter Feeds plugin is one of the most popular Twitter related plugins available to WordPress users. The plugin is designed to completely integrate your WordPress blog and Twitter accounts and offers a couple of other useful features.


An easy Twitter feeds widget that provides facility to display twitter tweets on your website using the latest Twitter 1.1 API. A simple widget which lets you add your latest tweets in widget areas. Get started in just a few clicks and use the provided Widget to easily display your Tweets on your website.


Now you don`t need to copy and paste the code from twitter with your settings anymore, just install the plugin and set the options. By option page, you can define the duration of fade effect, the number of tweet to see and other things.

The “WP Twitter Feeds” Widget will never require your Twitter password, because it based on Open Authentication (OAuth) keys and secrets, that you will get by creating your application at Twitter. It gets all your required data from API. In-case you change your password, you won’t need to update your Widget in your Blog.

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Twitter adding an option to ‘mute’ people

Twitter is introducing a way to silence noisy people you follow but aren’t quite ready to unfollow.

The option, called “mute,” lets you hide the tweets and activity of selected accounts from your timeline. Muting someone won’t, however, stop the person from being able to interact with your tweets — be it favoriting, replying or retweeting. The fact that they are doing so just won’t show up in your timeline.

To mute someone, click on the “more” link on individual tweets, then click “mute @username.” Muting can also be done from someone’s profile page by tapping the gear icon and selecting “mute @username.”

This can be a convenient way to temporarily muffle people who, for example, are live tweeting an event or opining on a topic that you don’t much care about. Muting can be reversed at any time, and unlike a “block,” people won’t know when they’ve been muted.

The way muting works is similar to a change Twitter tried to make in December so that people who were blocked wouldn’t be notified. In fact, blocked users would have been able to continue to see and follow the Twitter activity of the person who blocked them. Twitter reversed course hours later amid user outcry.